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OPERA anti-dandruff purifying lotion

CHF32.00 CHF25.60 -20%
Availability: 10 In Stock

Specially recommended to preserve the normal pH balance in those scalps subject to skin disorders, such as dandruff and dermatitis. Piroctone Olamina, Climbazole and Tea Tree are the perfect anti-fungal solution. 

Capacity: 50ml

FARNESE Adjuvant Lotion Against Hair Loss

CHF32.00 CHF25.60 -20%
Availability: 2 In Stock

A complex rich in raw materials, such as Citrulline, Caffeine and Vitamin PP, known for their remarkable vasodilating, stimulating and energizing properties, combined with Ornitin, which activates the growth factors.

Capacity: 50ml

Triple-action lotion Leonardo

CHF18.00 CHF10.80 -40%
Availability: 10 In Stock

Triple-action, no-rinse lotion composed of a synergy of 14 essential oils. Prevents or reduces the problems of hair loss, dandruff and greasy hair.

Capacity: 60ml

Availability: 8 In Stock

The combination of Piroctone Olamina and Zinc PCA — known for their anti-fungal and antibacterial effects — altogether with the Lavender, Rosemary, Pine and Lemon essential oils, enable this shampoo to tackle any kind of dandruff.

Capacity: 250ml

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